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Meet the Owner

Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur until those long nights wide awake trying to figure out what's wrong with your brand and especially your marketing. After many failed attempts at starting "brilliant" business ideas, I always found myself unsatisfied and underwhelmed at how much I didn't know before starting. 
Hi, I'm Zsari d'Javanneh, I initially created d'Javanneh designs, LLC with the intention to take my creative skills and love for design and share it with the world. However, before I really found how I was going to do that, I started a skincare business that lasted for 6 months then decided to change everything to what I'm doing now.
However, I realized that using my middle name d'Javanneh as part of my social media exposure was not going to resonate with the current brand. That's where The Branding Playbook came alive. For the first time since my first failures, I finally found the best way for me to use my creative design skills and share it with other entrepreneurs. I have seen and learned so much over the years about the struggles of small business owners and why it feels so hard to scale and make money.
While I don't teach how to make money through marketing, I want to help new business owners learn and understand the importance of branding in making sure that their brand and products are being exposed to the world in the professional and memorable way!